Our vision and mission

Our vision


There will come a day when every child grows up in a loving environment.

Our mission


To support and organize activities and projects that contribute to ensuring that more children can grow up in a loving environment. The activities are all delivered in a context of transparency, social responsibility and sustainability.



Our main goal 


Our main goal is to make a positive contribution to existing institutions that are committed to the welfare of children abandoned on by their own families or orphaned.

  • The Foundation’s aim is to support and organize projects such as:
    invest in the talent development of orphans and abandoned children;
  • support young women reaching the age of 18 years old to build an independent live during 2 years of intensive coaching and training program;
  • provide educative camps and holidays for children in formal institutions;
  • find a family for children in formal institutions such as Orphanages through our teams in Romania;
  • help formal institutions with goods needed for the creation of a home environment;
  • reassure the reassurance that children stay in school;
  • help families in need with the primary purpose of welfare of the children in that family;
  • discover and support other educational projects that offer the children a better future;
  • the Foundation will use all efforts where politics and regulations delay adoption to discuss these with the right institutions so that adoption becomes easier but remains secure.
  • the Foundation wishes to encourage more people to recognize the needs orphans have and the help they need until they find a home of themselves.
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