Why Wanna’Help?

Why? Because over 60.000 Romanian children are abandoned or orphaned

The biggest dream of these children is to have a FAMILY…if we cannot give them a family at least we can try to do everything we can to reach as many institutionalised children we can to give them our support, help and love. We invest in their future because we want them not to fall in the mistakes their parents made.
Below are orphans who have lived since they were born in the Sewers under the streets of Bucharest.
Here lies a hidden “horrid” World of Bunkers, Catacombs and Sewer systems inhabited by forgotten orphans, the homeless and drug addicts. If we do not give them a chance they might end up like this!

Many of the children in orphanages in Romania come from very poor villages where families are in need of food, cloths and toys. The children we come across are malnourished and never heard of special baby food, milk or vitamins. When our team visits with packages, we can see a smile on the faces of the children and the twinkle in their beautiful and sincere children eyes.

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