Wanna’ Help UK

Our Vision


There will come a day when every child grows up in a loving environment.


Our Mission 


Ensure that more children can grow up in a loving environment by supporting and organizing activities and projects that contribute to this. All this in a context of transparency, social responsibility and sustainability.


Overall objective of the foundation


The purpose of the Foundation is to make a positive contribution to existing institutions that are committed to the welfare of children abandoned on by their own families or orphaned. The foundation’s aim is to support and organize projects such as the:

  • providing holidays for children in formal institutions
  • finding a family for children in formal institutions such as orphanages
  • help formal institutions with goods needed for the creation of a home environment for the children
  • assure that children keep going to school
  • integration of children and young people in their school
  • prevent inclusion of children in care and thus
  • prevent disintegration of families
  • helping families in need with the primary purpose of welfare of the children in that family
  • other projects that offer the children a better future
  • support young people who reach the age of 18 and must leave the formal institutions


The Foundation will use all efforts to, where politics and regulations, delay adoption to discuss these with the correct institutions so that adoption becomes easier but remains secure. The foundation Wanna Help! wants to encourage more people to recognize the need orphans have and the help needed to get them a home of themselves.

Give orphans a future! Invest in their talents!

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