Wanna’ Help! takes first steps in UK

Written by oanacipca

Posted on February 27, 2016

We are really excited to introduce Katie Ilincariu who has joined our team  as our ambassador in UK. We’re really grateful to Katie for volunteering her time and energy to take Wanna’ Help program on to great things together in UK.
Katie will maintain Wanna´ Help vision, mission and values and develop the strategy of the organisation in UK.  She is a promoter of education, with a strong weakness for underprivileged children and orphans. Coming from Romania, Katie understand very well the current situation and the need for improvement. `Children are our future. They can have a beautiful future, if they are offered access to education. Especially orphans need role models and mentors who can coach them during difficult moments. I want to contribute to that through UK Wanna´Help! and help in this way my country.’ Katie said.
Katie and her team will set up fundraising activities and raise money for the talent development of institutionalized children in Romania. Joining forces with Wanna´ Help in The Netherlands, we will reach more orphans and improve more futures together!
Our team wishes Katie lots of success and blessings in this wonderful journey she undertakes!

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